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Been a long time since we did a monthly newsletter. So here is the July 2016 Issue. Next month will have reviews of new devices coming out on the market.

The Paranormal Journey:Into the Unknown has hit the IMDB.

Check it out. Click HERE.

The Queen Mary, the most haunted ship in the world, where you can step into the past and easily imagine what it must have been like to sail aboard this luxurious ocean liner. Memories abound throughout the ship, conjuring up nostalgic reminiscences of a bygone era..

There are also plenty of ghosts to go around.

These Books add new chapters to the haunted history of the Queen Mary.  Many investigative groups and individuals willingly allowed us to use their reports, stories and photographs for these books, additionally, when we asked for a response to a questionnaire about the haunted nature of the pool and its spirited occupants, we were honored by the responses we received. The Professional responses formed an integral part of these books.


Don't hesitate, and order yours today!


Friday morning May13th

Paula and I will be featured on the

Local Memphis Live Morning Show




Saturday afternoon June 18th

Paula and I will be featured on

WPSD News Channel 6

and in the WPSD Studio on 

Sunday June 19th at 6am




Turning the tables on the Paranormal

The PGH Tracker 2016. this new technology will turn the tables of the Paranormal Community. The Technology has been shared with Scientific American and Popular Science, and we are releasing this to you. This App is a tool for photographers that amplifies semitransparent light patterns in a series of digital photos. This allows users to compare and analyze one photograph against the others. Photographers are looking for light patterns and anomalies not present from one photo to the other. This App features a main panable photo viewing area, forward and back photo buttons. It includes 7 Levels of phase filters as well as an Invert filter. It includes a rotation button to view images at different degrees. It includes pulse and play buttons that automatically play through each phase level or photo. It includes 10x digital zoom levels and a highlight feature that allows the user to write on a photo if needed.

Light and Motion Tracker (LMT) is an App that amplifies light changes in ghost hunting photos.

When something moves or vibrates it creates a small blur and color change. This technology lets you see these super fine movements in greater detail. With this tech we have discovered ghosts and you canl too. Ghosts are real and can be standing right in front of us. What will happen on your next ghost adventures?

Try out our award winning App and judge for yourself. This is completely real. Read the included tutorial before you start taking ghost hunters photos.


Hidden behind the cover of "The Ghosts of St. Albans Sanatorium" are true tales of ghostly and ghastly encounters with the Denizens of the dusty hallways of the old asylum.


The sanatorium was a repository for the delirious, the delusional, and the demented. Before that it was a boys school during a time when hazing was an accepted part of academic life. During these incarnations St. Albans held its long suffering boarders captive within her cold embrace. Held in a grip so tight, that it may have transcended the siren call of death.

Full page photographs by the author freeze the asylum in time. In a time when seasoned paranormal investigators came to St. Albans Sanatorium hoping to engage with its resident spirits.


Some investigators made a connection with the spectral presences that roam freely there. These are their stories.


Click the here order yours today


The Phantasmic Ghost Hunters


Presented GHOSTOLOGY 101

at the Marshal Public Library in Benton,ky on Oct 20th, 2016

"Thanks to Gavin Kelly & Paula Purcell of Phantasmic Ghost Hunters for stopping by our Benton branch to present their findings and experiences while exploring the paranormal. What a great crowd we had for this event, we appreciate all of you taking time to come visit us."

If you want us to bring GHOSTOLOGY 101 to your public library, contact your local library and tell them about us.


Helping the community get a better understanding of the Paranormal. One step at a time.



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