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Riverview Mansion - Metropolis, IL

Paula and I presented Ghostology 101 at the Riverview Mansion in Metropolis, IL on two sold out nights.

All proceeds went towards the restoration of the Mansion.

To add more of kick to this event, we also had an investigation of the Mansion with each group. Two nights a total of 4 groups get to experience what goes bump in the night. This has become the most requested event at the Mansion. 

Dec 31st , 2018 We are coming back to the Mansion for an exciting night of Ghostology 101 and of course investigating the mansion till midnight.

Bringing in the new year with Ghosts

The event is only for 16 ticket holders.

We will bring Ghostology 101 to more locations in 2019.

The Phantasmic Ghost Hunters are now the in-house team 

                   at the Riverview Mansion - Metropolis, IL

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