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Can’t Beat Them, Join Them

A disturbing trend has emerged in the ever-evolving landscape of paranormal investigation, tarnishing the integrity and authenticity of a once-revered pursuit. The phenomenon of “Can’t beat them, might as well Join them” marks a concerning shift in the practices of some paranormal investigators, who now prioritize fame and popularity over the pursuit of genuine inquiry into the unknown. Gone are the days when the pursuit of paranormal phenomena was driven by genuine curiosity and a thirst for understanding the unexplained. The emergence of social media platforms such as YouTube and TikTok has opened new avenues for content creation, fostering an environment where some investigators prioritize gaining views and subscribers over the authenticity of their investigations. In this new paradigm, some paranormal investigators have succumbed to the allure of celebrity culture, adopting a “if you can’t beat them, join them” mentality. This has led to a disturbing practice of name-dropping or showcasing associations with top influencers to bolster their online presence. The focus has shifted from the pursuit of truth to the pursuit of fame, casting a shadow over the integrity of the field.

The desire for online validation and fame has negatively impacted the essence of paranormal investigation. Instead of dedicating time and effort to rigorous research, analysis, and exploration of the unknown, some investigators have resorted to sensationalism and theatrics to attract a larger audience. The introduction of influencers into the paranormal realm has blurred the lines between genuine investigation and entertainment. The need to capture attention has resulted in the proliferation of exaggerated claims, staged occurrences, and fabricated evidence—all in the name of securing likes, views, and subscribers. The erosion of the field’s foundational principles is evident in the abandonment of authentic investigative methods. These methods, which once emphasized scientific rigor, critical thinking, and unbiased inquiry, have been supplanted by a quest for virality. The integrity of the field is compromised as investigators prioritize popularity over the pursuit of truth.

As some paranormal investigators gravitate towards the fabricated allure of the limelight, they risk forsaking the essence of the paranormal realm. The genuine pursuit of the unknown is rooted in respect for history, culture, and the unexplained mysteries that permeate our world. However, pursuing online fame often leads investigators down a path fraught with the dangers of perpetuating misinformation and misconceptions. By indulging in name-dropping and associating with influencers, these investigators dilute the authenticity of their work and contribute to the erosion of credibility within the paranormal community. Adopting a facade to attract attention detracts from the credibility of genuine investigators who remain committed to honest exploration and discovery. The deterioration of the paranormal field is a cautionary tale, highlighting the consequences of prioritizing popularity over authenticity. As observers, we must remain vigilant in discerning between genuine investigative efforts and mere attempts to court public attention. It is crucial to recognize the significance of maintaining the foundational principles that underpin the pursuit of the unknown. A collective effort is required to salvage the integrity of the paranormal field. Genuine investigators must reaffirm their commitment to rigorous research, ethical practices, and transparent methodologies. It is imperative to resist the allure of shortcuts to fame and instead uphold the values of credibility and integrity in all investigative endeavors. Moreover, audiences and enthusiasts play a pivotal role in demanding authenticity and discernment. By supporting genuine investigative efforts rooted in credibility and truth-seeking, individuals can contribute to preserving the integrity of the paranormal field.

This is a departure from the foundational principles of genuine paranormal investigation. Installing fame-seeking tactics and name-dropping into the field threatens its credibility and authenticity. The pursuit of online popularity has led some investigators astray, forsaking the essence of the paranormal realm for the allure of the limelight. As custodians of the paranormal field, it is incumbent upon genuine investigators, enthusiasts, and the broader community to reassert the importance of authenticity, credibility, and ethical conduct. By staying true to the roots of genuine inquiry, the field can navigate away from the pitfalls of sensationalism and reclaim its status as a realm dedicated to the pursuit of truth and understanding the inexplicable mysteries that surround us. The revival of the paranormal field’s authenticity necessitates a recommitment to ethical standards and rigorous investigative methodologies. Genuine investigators must prioritize transparency in their approaches, meticulously documenting their processes and findings while upholding scientific rigor. This includes employing critical thinking, utilizing validated scientific methods where applicable, and maintaining a commitment to unbiased inquiry. A renewed emphasis on education and mentorship within the paranormal community is imperative. Aspiring investigators need guidance in understanding the ethical considerations and methodologies that underpin genuine research. Mentorship programs, workshops, and educational resources can play a pivotal role in nurturing a new generation of investigators committed to upholding the integrity of the field. Collaboration and peer review are foundational pillars of credible scientific inquiry. In the context of paranormal investigation, fostering collaboration among investigators and subject matter experts can strengthen the quality of research and analysis. By inviting scrutiny and review from peers and experts in related fields, investigators can ensure the integrity and credibility of their findings. Encouraging a collaboration culture also mitigates the pitfalls of sensationalism and the allure of fame. When investigators prioritize collaboration over competition and acknowledge the collective pursuit of truth, it reinforces the importance of the field’s integrity.

Cultivating critical thinking skills becomes paramount as audiences engage with paranormal content across various platforms. Consumers of paranormal content must exercise discernment and skepticism when encountering sensationalized claims and extravagant narratives. Learning to distinguish between genuine investigative efforts and attention-seeking theatrics is crucial in upholding the integrity of the field. Educational initiatives aimed at promoting critical thinking can empower audiences to navigate the influx of paranormal content on social media platforms. Encouraging healthy skepticism and providing resources for fact-checking and critical analysis can empower individuals to make informed judgments about the credibility of paranormal investigations. At its core, paranormal investigation embodies a quest for understanding and exploring the enigmatic facets of our world. This pursuit demands reverence for history, culture, and the mysteries that defy conventional explanation. By recentering the focus on genuine inquiry, investigators can reclaim the essence of the paranormal field—dedicated to unraveling the unknown with integrity and respect. The journey towards restoring the integrity of the paranormal field requires a collective commitment from investigators, enthusiasts, audiences, and stakeholders. Through a concerted effort to prioritize authenticity, ethical conduct, and a dedication to truth-seeking, the field can navigate away from the perils of sensationalism and reclaim its status as a legitimate realm of exploration and discovery. It also presents an opportunity for introspection, reform, and reaffirmation of the core principles of genuine inquiry. By upholding integrity, embracing ethical standards, championing collaboration, nurturing critical thinking, and reaffirming the essence of authentic inquiry, the paranormal field can rise above the shadows cast by sensationalism and reclaim its credibility in the pursuit of the unknown.

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