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Hi, I'm Cheryl Lynn Carter an international author of multiple paranormal and thriller books including "Whispers Beyond the Grave," my Darkness Trilogy consisting of "Fear the Darkness," "Edge of Darkness," and "Embrace the Darkness" and "Dimensions of Doom: Mysterious Triangles of the US." I also worked as a consultant for the book "They Are Here: Central US UFOs."

My passion has been researching the paranormal for twenty years. As a Medium and Remote-Viewer, I am a member of Project PSI working to solve both Missing Person and Human-Trafficking Cases.

I'm an actress in "Rosa Leigh" and "The Attached." I appeared in the Para Documentary "A Haunting at Bachelors Grove" with Chris Halton as part of his Haunted Earth TV series in the UK.

I have appeared on numerous radio shows including Darkness Radio, Haunted Chronicles, Greetings From Beyond Radio, Paranormalities & Ponderings and Paranormal Experience.

Cheryl Lynn Carter

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