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We welcome aboard Deadlite.LLC as a new Sponsor

If you are looking for an awesome light for the paranormal or other dark applications these are it! Honestly, My Crew has tried many lights out there but nothing is as good as these! These lights that are extremely adjustable for all types of environments we find ourselves in during investigations and very affordable! Don't waste your money buying over priced cheaply built lites or you will be wishing you bought a Deadlite! 

Pick one up today, you'll be glad you did!

 video by Truth Paranormal Research and Investigations
Blackmagic_Design_logo.svg (1).png
Blackmagic Design has joined  forces with the show to give us the  world's highest quality products for Television, Post Production, and full feature film Industries!

Black Magic URSA 4.6 K

EF model

Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera 2.6K


Trying to visualize a story?  You can now pre-visualize your projects with the use of many cameras, lights,  3D characters, props and environments.  You bring your creativity to life! This program is used by some of the biggest studios and Directors in the Motion Picture and Television industries. 

We welcome aboard WebGames3d as our newest Sponsor


Currently available on iOSMacWindows & 


We would like to welcome aboard our newest sponsor VBE. They are revolutionizing the Paranormal realm one application at a time. Don't take my word for it, check out these incredible apps!

1) GHOST WORDS - Word selection by EMF input
2) TAROT Cards - Feeling and common answer card selection by EMF
3) Crystal Ball - Common answers to questions EMF controlled
4) MYSTIC COMPASS - Answers , Letters and numbers. EMF Controlled
5) EMF PIANO - Piano controlled by EMF Values
6) EMF Guitar - Guitar sounds controlled by EMF Values
7) EMF DRUMS - Drum sounds controlled by EMF Values
8) VOICE TONE CONTROL - Ghost box with Group / Male / Female tones. GEO activated.
9) WAR SOUNDS - Audio Trigger Objects 01 controlled by EMF Values
10) EMF ART BOARD - An ART BOARD controlled by EMF Values
11) CURSIVE PAD - A signature pad controlled by EMF Values
12) TOY SOUNDS - Toy and school sounds controlled by EMF Values
13) VERIFICATION GAME - Card Matching controlled by EMF Values
14) STATIC AUDIO - Interference controlled by EMF Values
15) TRUST BOX - Ghost box controlled by EMF, GEO and User push button control
16) HAUNTED LOCATIONS - Group shared Haunted Location links and images

2) GEO Detection Meter
3) EMF Radar
4) EMF Visualizer
5) EMF Word
6) Chalkboard
7) Ghost Flight Game ( Spirit use only )
8) Light Four ( Spirit / User game )
9) Ghost Piano
10) Ghost Puppet
11) Audio Trigger Objects ( War Related )
12) Area Monitor with TEXT feature ( Cover large areas with multiple devices )
13) Audio Mixer with Echo,Static, Chop Rate and Speed Control.

Our extreme pleasure to welcome aboard our latest

Sponsor GUDSEN

The Moza Air is: The smartest camera stabilization and control system for mirrorless cameras and DSLRs. Motion for Emotion!


Capture cinematic videos and create professional film productions with the MOZA Air. The 3-axis handheld gimbal has been designed to carry all mirrorless cameras and DSLRs, delivering smooth and stable shots for more professional cinematography. It is much more than just a camera stabilizer. It is a complete camera control system with more flexibility than ever before!

We would like to welcome aboard our newest

sponsor. Paratools. Revolutionizing the Paranormal!

Welcome aboard Blastwave FX & Sound!

Sound Effects.Com is Ric's newest company which offers articles, vids and, of course, sound effects to purchase! This site is perfect for anyone who is looking to learn about, buy or sell sound effects!

Looking for professional HD sound effects? Ric's company Blastwave FX is the world's largest HD sound effects company with over 65,000 sound effects and production elements.​ Below are some of the latest releases featuring sound effects by Ric Viers. 


Blastwave FX develops next-generation HD sound effects libraries for professional audio production. Our design and engineering teams push the sound envelope with innovative product formats, rich metadata, multi-channel libraries and the highest resolution audio that technology allows. Blastwave FX libraries, including our flagship SONOPEDIATM HD sound effects library, serve as royalty-free creative resources for audio professionals worldwide in post, broadcast, film, television, video games, animation, radio, new media and beyond. 

Latest News          

Welcome aboard RageCams, Thank you for joining our crew.  

RageCams carries the most complete line of helmet cams, trail cams, dash cams and mini cameras anywhere! We sell only the highest resolution cameras at the most affordable prices. Buy with confidence - all of our cameras are backed by a 6 month or 1-year manufacturer warranty and a money back guarantee!


Check them out.

Welcome aboard Paranologies, Thank you for joining our crew.  

Paranologies- Your Source for Specialized Paranormal Investigation Equipment. All of our Customized Equipment is hand built from scratch in the USA Paranologies Lab with only Paranormal Investigation in mind when we create a design. Our equipment was not meant for another field and then brought into this field like most others. Not only do we design and build all of the equipment on the site, but our Paranormal Team (TPI) has been around since 1997 to help aid in the design idea's to ease the process of data and evidence collection. 


Check them out




Please make welcome our 5th Sponsor. CENTEX PARANORMAL.

CenTex Paranormal is a Texas-based company founded by brothers Michael and Zak Lyons.   Back in 2007 Zak experienced a series of paranormal events that ignited his interest.  Through the years Zak teamed up with other paranormal experts and has done numerous paranormal investigations. They were able to capture small pieces of evidence using limited paranormal equipment.  After countless hours of retrospection and brainstorming of the needs of the paranormal investigating community, the brothers decided that they would like to design quality equipment at reasonable prices to ghost hunters, like themselves, to add to their inventory.




I would like to send a special Thank You to all of our Sponsors. Without you, our show wouldn't exist. Thank You so very much!

Season 1 aired on the GTN network.

(Independent Network out of South Haven.MO)

Our show brought them 40,000+ viewers to their network.

Word got out and now we will be airing a new show called

THE PARANORMAL JOURNEY:Into the Unknown on Amazon Prime.

We say Welcome to our newest sponsor 360fly!

You’ll find everything you need to capture your entire life in immersive, interactive 360° HD and 4K video right here, anytime, under one digital roof. 360fly proudly offers free shipping on any camera purchase (U.S. residents only). We're even prouder of our customer service and making sure you love your 360fly camera as much as we love ours. Come in and take a look around—all around


We say Welcome to our newest sponsor DESVIEW

Desview R7 is a 7'' 4k HDMI touch screen on-camera field monitor with 1920*1200 resolution and 1000cd/m2 brightness. It supports HDMI input and outputs up to 4k signal format. The R7 comes with professional monitoring features such as 3D-LUT, waveform, vectorscope.

Say hello to our new sponsor Zhiyun-Tech


Presenting the Crane, professional and advanced for its technique i.e. 3 axes non-stopper design, compatibility with two types of batteries, camera controlling and hand adjustment. Crane is the best of the best mirrorless camera gimbals.   

Welcome our newest sponsor TASCAM


Presenting the Road-ready, studio-quality 192Khz/24bit compatible linear PCM recorder

TASCAM’s top-of-the-line Handheld Digital Recorder, the DR-100mkIII boasts a signal-to-noise ratio exceeding 100dB, delivering the best audio performance in the history of TASCAM portable stereo recorders. Designed to meet the needs of the most demanding audio designers and engineers, this new model combines robust reliability, an updated user interface and studio quality sonic performance to deliver a truly breathtaking audio experience.


With a dual battery structure that features a built-in high-capacity lithium-ion battery as well as with hot-swappable AA batteries, operation is possible for extended periods of time and is ready to go when you are. Additionally, the DR-100mkIII can be rapidly charged by connecting an AC adapter and even support USB Bus power from an external battery pack commonly used to charge mobile phones and tablets.


TASCAM’s exclusive Dual Level Recording function simultaneously records a secondary backup file at a lower gain level than the primary recording. This safety file, recorded at a 12db lower level protects your recording session from unexpected volume spikes and accidental overload. 



The Ultimate Portable Audio System for Video Production 


The DR-701D is TASCAM's flagship recorder for single-shooter video production. A timecode generator is included for location reference, which can be jam synced from a SMPTE generator, camera, or smart slate. The HDMI in and out allows a DSLR camera to start recording on both devices, and video clock prevents drift between sound and picture.

Four mic inputs can be individually recorded and mixed to a stereo track, for a total of six-track recording. For additional tracks, multiple units can be cascaded together. The lightweight yet rigid chassis is forged from a magnesium alloy. Tripod mounts on the top and bottom of the unit allow the unit to mount under a camera, attach to a follow-focus cage, or used stand-alone.

Designed for the needs of professional filmmakers, television producers, advertisers, and documentarians, the DR-701D packs high quality multitrack recording into a package compact enough for use with any camera.

Capture audio during interviews, press conferences and meetings with this compact PCM recorder. Simply attach the DR-10X to a dynamic or battery-powered condenser microphone with XLR output


TASCAM’s compact DR-10X attaches to a handheld microphone for the ultimate compact news gathering recording system. A captive XLR connector attaches firmly to your microphone, capturing interviews at 48kHz/24-bit Broadcast WAV resolution. Offload recordings through the microUSB connection or by removing the microSD card.

The DR-10X has both manual and automatic gain settings, with a low cut filter and limiter to prevent overloads. The Dual Recording mode captures a copy of the audio at a lower level, so if there is distortion you have a backup safety. Recording can begin instantly by holding the record side switch while turning the unit on.

For simple-to-use ENG recording that stays out of the way, TASCAM’s DR-10X leads the field.

Capture audio that sounds as good as your image looks


The TASCAM DR-10SG packs problem-solving punch into a small package. Combining both a purpose built shotgun microphone and a professional quality digital recorder in a single unit, the DR-10SG addresses many issues faced by today’s DSLR videographer. First and foremost, the DR-10SG features an extremely directional supercardioid microphone and an integrated shock-resistant mounting foot. The dual benefits of this design include the rejection of unwanted ambient sound during filming and the avoidance of physically transmitted noise from shutter or lens mechanisms. 

Coupled with this is a professional quality digital recorder featuring four selectable EQ modes, audio pass-through to the camera and an on-board audio slate for synchronization during post production. As an added safeguard against unexpected volume spikes, the DR-10SG also features TASCAM’s unique Dual Recording mode which automatically records a second “safety take” at a lower level.

Designed to deliver excellent quality, while addressing the inherent issues of on-camera audio, the DR-10SG will prove to be a valuable tool in your audio arsenal.


Our Partner in Crime has become a Mad Scientist


New Innovated Rigs and Gear


ALICE is a custom designed software program which runs on any Windows PC platform.

A very long time in development and using wide ranging programmer skill sets in the specialised areas of natural language programming ( NLP) and artificial intelligence (AI), she is an ideal device to add to any paranormal group's armoury for site investigative work.

ALICE will load onto a Windows PC or tablet and is launched simply from there during an investigation. This sees her alternating scan lights flash hypnotically whilst the circuitry within the computer invites external influence by spirit entities.

As the programme circuitry and code is influenced, the lights stop flashing and after a brief pause of a few seconds, a word or an entire phrase is displayed on her output line very clearly for all of the team to read. 


In use, she has proven to be remarkably accurate and relevant during paranormal investigations. The chances of the various words and phrases which she has output being selected at random are astronomically small! Consistency and relevance have been truly breathtaking during trials, and she continues to amaze... it's not uncommon for her to give actual names which have strong verifiable connections with the building being investigated.

We Welcome a new Sponsor!

EVP Analzyer

Gaia Divination Suite

Ghostcam Pro

Ethereal Spirit Box 

PRT Broadcaster

Q3 Meter

Realm Spirit Box

FLUX Spirit Box 1

Vocibus Spirit Box

Vox Spirit Radar

We like to Welcome Paratronics to our Paranormal Family..

Paratronics is a company that builds equipment at a fraction of the cost from other companies. Our equipment is dependable and unique. We design the equipment specifically for the paranormal use. We feature equipment that no other company has. We also offer discounted equipment from the already discount price. We take measures for each of our customer's needs.

If your Looking for some answers to the paranormal, then we can help, select Sight, but if your looking for the most innovative equipment by research, then we 
can sell you your very own, select Paratronics


Your Source for Specialized Paranormal Investigation Equipment.

 All of our Customized Equipment is hand built from scratch in the USA Paranologies Lab with only Paranormal Investigation in mind when we create a design. Our equipment was not meant for another field and then brought into this field like most others. Not only do we design and build all of the equipment on the site, but our Paranormal Team (TPI) has been around since 1997 to help aid in the design idea's to ease the process of data and evidence collection. 

This is a Customized 16 channel TriboElectric Field Meter(Static). This is the original Triboelectric field meter ever introduced in this field that visually follows Triboelectric fields horizontally, allowing you to be Scientifically informed of such fields that are handy during a Paranormal investigation. 

Picks up TriboElectric Fields and follows them Visually on the 360 Degree LED Circle.

This is a Customized 8 channel TriboElectric Field Meter(Static)

Picks up triboelectricfields and follows them visually on the 3" Led tower. 

Tailored for Paranormal Investigation's to detect fields we cannot see with our eye's such as the hair lifting up from one's arm during an investigation. 

Ambient blue light to detect the unit in the dark.

Touch Screen Smart Device with full spectrum camera.

5 Mega Pixel IR/UV Rear Camera.

Custom Molded 24 LED Orbular Illuminator.

Illumination works from around 20-40'

First device able to stream In night Vision on Periscope and Facebook Live.

Use just like your Smartphone, load video's directly to Youtube via Wifi or directly

to your computer via USB. 

HD 1280 x 720 night vision Video/Audio Recording.

4.5" Touchscreen. 

Use  Discount

code PGH2017

to get 10% off

your order!

New Technology

The Ghost Helmet

Awaiting Photo

Paranormal Applications by Brian Holloway

Make no mistake - These Applications really WORK!

Your essential all-in-one ghost hunting tool at a price you                                     and your team can afford.



The MF-1 contains an ambient temperature sensor with a real-time LED display.

On the sides of the sensor are two LED lights that alert you when change happens

If temperature changes sharply in a short period of time,indicative of something paranormal the device will alert you with rapid blinking of the top red LEDs.

The MF-1 contains a very sensitive geophone. Built with an accelerometer, the MF-1 is programmed to pick up the slightest movements or vibrations on the surface it is sitting on.

A small touch on the table the device sits on and the MF-1 will let you know by lighting up a series of LEDs placed along the bottom. Like a graph the device will light up the amount of LEDs based on the intensity of the vibration or movement.

This can also be toggled on/off by a switch on the device if the device is being used in a hand-held fashion.

Electromagnetic Field Sensor (EMF):

Also included in the MF-1 is a sensitive EMF detector. Programed specially to detect any changes in the electromagnetic field around the device.


Two LEDs near the sensor change intensity based on the fluctuations picked up.


A speaker will also alarm if there is a sharp change in EMF. The speaker can also be toggled on/off by a switch on the device.

"The MF-1 combines all your essential equipment into one device for under $100"

Glide Gear Online Store         

These are the rigs Phantasmic Ghost Hunters 

proudly endorse and use within their episodes.

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