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My name is Gavin Kelly, HOST and Lead Investigator for Amazon’s new Original Series “the Paranormal Journey: Into the Unknown” TV show. Season 1 was released Oct 31st, 2017, Season 2 & 3 will be released in 2019, and we are currently filming Season 4. I’m also a signed country artist with Mirror Image Records, Nashville.TN I’ve been involved in the music industry for quite some time now. Released my debut album back in July 2011 in Bedford Indiana. But let’s take a few steps back shall we.


Born in Southern California, Pasadena to be exact, I was bitten by the acting bug during high school. Had the opportunity to act in two HBO short films and a couple of public service announcement commercials.


My main goal was to become a country singer. After graduating high school and a few years of college it was off to the land of broken hearts and broken guitar strings. Music City, Nashville, TN. If you are determined you can actually make it. Regional Finalist for USA Networks Nashville Star showed I had what it took to me a successful artist. I was signed by an Independent label. The rest is history. Got the opportunity to work on a Sony Pictures production called “Country Strong” Starring Tim McGraw and Gwen Paltrow. It was filmed in Nashville, TN. I was working alongside my buddy Santiago from the Walking Dead. Working in the Movie industry is fun, but I found another passion, the path to the paranormal side of my life. Oct 12th 2012 I started flipping through the stations on TV and stopped on a show which has made me into the Investigator I am today. I watched this particular show religiously. It started 3 guys with cameras, going to the most Haunted places in America.


I was glued to the screen. I never knew in my wildest dreams I would become friends with Aaron Goodwin from Ghost Adventures and Brad Klinge from Ghost Labs.

Amongst others in the paranormal field. Working alongside the best of the best in the business has helped me gain the knowledge to pursue this endeavor.

Call it learning the tricks of the trade. Paul Browning took me under his wing and helped share his knowledge with me, I'm sure I picked his brains a bit much, but in the long run. It was worth it. Got the guts enough to actually do an Investigation of a residential house. Armed with the bare minimum for gear. One Sony Handicam with night vision,

2 ghost meter pros (GMP) two digital cameras, and lastly but not the least, a digital recorder. This investigation was a success. EVP’s, Photo’s, and video footage. We made contact with the other side. It was incredible. Checking out the evidence we uncovered with the history of the property was SPOT ON.

This was the start of my group “Phantasmic Ghost Hunters” From that moment on we have investigated numerous residential houses, businesses, and of course Hospitals, Asylums, Plantations,

And Aircraft Carriers. We’ve been going strong. Picked up by an independent network based out of Southaven, MS. We only gave them 1 season but that season brought the network over 40,000 viewers, Amazon caught wind of this and brought us onboard. Thus far right now we are currently filming season 4 for Amazon Studios, Taking to so many location’s filled with tragedy and history. Still learning as we go.

There is so much to gain and learn in this field. And that is why I am here


What can I say about me, I have been a history geek my whole life. I love digging up the past way before I got into the paranormal world. I guess I got that from my mom she was the same way, must be in our gene pool. I got into the paranormal field about 6 years ago. Always believed in the paranormal. I’m not just a researcher, historian and paranormal investigator, I also wear many hats such as: Writing my first book called “Past with No Tomorrow.” Writing a Screenplay for a movie our production company “In the Shadows Entertainment Group” is currently filming entitled “LUCY”. Above all that, I’m also a Preschool Teacher. I take passion in what I do. It may take hours sometimes days and weeks to find the stories and histories of our future investigations. Sometime I get carried away with it. I was a somewhat quiet person, but the paranormal world open me up to being more outspoken on more broader subjects to show the world there more out there than what just goes bump in the night.
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