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You asked for a non-scripted paranormal tv show, you begged for a non-staged paranormal tv show, You begged, and we have listened, we present to you; season one of "The Paranormal Journey: Into the 
Unknown" .  It was released Oct 31st. 2017. In this series, we show you what it is really like behind the 
scenes, conducting a real paranormal investigation.

Montebello, CA - October 2017... The perfect way to get your scare on this Halloween, a new paranormal investigation TV series will be available for streaming on Amazon Prime beginning October 31st, 2017. Hosted by Gavin Kelly and Paula Purcell (collectively known as the Phantasmic Ghost Hunters), this series blends facts with frights as the team explores a variety of active sights looking for proof of the afterlife. And TASCAM is along for the ride.

For production, the team use a variety of TASCAM audio-for-video solutions which allow them to work quickly and efficiently with a small crew. “For interviews with residents and townspeople, we rely heavily on the TASCAM DR-10L,” said Paula Purcell, lead historian. “The combination of the lavaliere microphone and small body pack recorder make it easy for us to have conversations with folks who would be intimidated by a microphone stuck in their faces. We also no longer have to deal with the problems of a wireless system and they delays that this can cause.”

The team also takes advantage of both the TASCAM DR-701D audio for video field recorder and the DR-100mkIII high resolution handheld recorder. But these last two - and the DR-100mkIII in particular - get drafted into duty for far more than just interviews. “We strive to use the most advanced tools available for our investigations and the sound quality of the TASCAM gear is second to none,” explains Gavin Kelly, lead investigator. “We pioneered the use of the TASCAM DR-100mkIII for EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) work because of the low noise floor and super wide frequency range. By recording at up to 192kHz we are able to capture audio that goes far beyond the range of human hearing. If something’s out there...we’re gonna hear it.”

The Paranormal Journey: Into the Unknown is available here for streaming beginning October 31,2017 on Amazon Prime.

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